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9/26 SDE Beer Dinner

September 26, 2021 06:00 PM until September 26, 2021 09:00 PM

Osteria da Nino presents our 1st Beer Dinner!
Sunday, Sept 26 @ 6:00pm
Speaker: Frank Kuhns, owner of Settle Down Easy Brewing
Menu: 5 Beers/ 5 Courses

RSVP is required in advance for this event. Please email us at to reserve your spot!

We’ve partnered with Settle Down Easy Brewing in Falls Church, VA to bring you our 1st beer dinner & what other way to celebrate then an Oktoberfest theme! 

1st Course
Speck con Pera
Smoked Prosciutto, grilled Pears, Montasio, arugula
2 Cloud 9 IPA (on tap) NEIPA – 7.25% - 50 IBU

2nd Course
Spaghetti di Gragnano con vongole
Classic Spaghetti from Gragnano, with Chesapeake littlenecks, parsley, garlic, chilies
Kolsch (on tap) Kolsch, 4.75% - 20 IBU

3rd course
Spigola Selvatico
Wild Striped Bass, Smoked tomato/corn/jalapeno relish
Sweet Scoville Sting Honey Jalapeno Ale – 6% - 20 IBU


4th course
Slow roasted Pork belly, in the style of Alto Adige, juniper, clove, caraway and rosemary Braised cabbage
*Oktoberfest* Good Love Marzen Lager - 5.65% - 21 IBU

5th course
Arrosta di Mela
Roasted Stayman Apples with Bandaged Cheddar
*Oktoberfest* SDE Festbier “Oktoberfest” Festbier    5.4% abv 21 IBU


Beer Info:

1. 2 Cloud 9 IPA
NEIPA – 7.25% - 50 IBU
Our hazy NEIPA offering! A beautiful blend of fruity hops that play into the lovely flavors and aromas produced in perfect synergy with the Conan Vermont IPA strain. Have a taste and step into space!

2. Kolsch
Kolsch, 4.75% - 20 IBU
A dry hop of Tetnanger and Hersbrucker help to enhance the kettle additions of the same variety. This beer is a sessionable, balanced beer, with a unique hop aroma, without being too hoppy. Clean, crisp, and very enjoyable.

3. Sweet Scoville Sting
Honey Jalapeno Ale – 6% - 20 IBU
This beer boasts a huge amount of honey added to the kettle. The incorporation of jalapenos help pull this beer together with a lovely balance of spicy and flavorful, while still sweet. Two worlds collide in harmony.

4. *Oktoberfest* Good Love
Marzen Lager - 5.65% - 21 IBU
Delicious any time of the year, this deeply amber hued German lager is a treat. Boasting a bready and warm flavors with a touch of sweet biscuit and malt, this clean lager is quite sessionable and a lovely malt forward brew. Tettnanger and Hersbrucker hops have a mellow impact on this delicious seasonal beer. Munich, Vienna, Pils, and Specialty Crystal malts shine in this lager. Prost!

5. *Oktoberfest* SDE Festbier “Oktoberfest”
Festbier    5.4% abv  21 IBU
The great brauhauser and city squares of Munich may be empty this year, but we’ve loaded up on some classic German styles to have a little celebration of our own!  Most people are familiar with the old-school Marzen-style Oktoberfest brew like our Good Love, but somehow the more prevalent and modern style consumed in Germany, the Festbier, hasn’t often shown up in America. Nestled right in between a Helles lager and and a Helles Bock, our Festbier is a bright gold with a malty oomph and a pleasant balance of bitterness.  Floral and spicy aromas and flavors are brought into the mix with the classic German noble hop Hallertau Mittelfruh.  Legend has it that after you finish a round you can put your ear to the top of your glass and you’ll hear a German Oom-Pah band playing a jaunty tune… or maybe that was after finishing a 3 liter boot!?!