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12/4 Marsala Wine Tasting

December 04, 2021 02:00 PM until December 04, 2021 03:30 PM

A Tribute to our Pioneers: The Marsala Revolution! 

Join us Saturday, Dec 4 for a Marsala wine tasting!
$30 per person plus tax & grautity

RSVP for this event is required. Please email us at and let us know the event your are RSVPing for.

Marsala's we will taste:
OLD JOHN Marsala Superior Reserve Semi-dry Amber 1998
Story: In 1773 English merchant John Woodhouse arrived in Sicily looking for products such as  almonds, honey, oil and tuna. One day on a trip to Mazara, a storm forced his ship to find shelter  in the port of Marsala. Here he found refreshment in a tavern and was impressed how delicious  the dark alcohol was: a wine of high alcohol content, produced by the local farmers. His intuition  was ignited and he knew he was onto a winner. He brought the product back to England and  thus began the Marsala revolution!

Grapes: Grillo, CatarraLo & Inzolia  
Tasting Notes: Full & warm with notes of apricot, thyme, black pepper & candied fruit  

BIP BENJAMIN Marsala Superior Reserve Sweet Gold 2013
Story: Benjamin Ingham arrived in Sicily in 1806 in search of wealth, and to find new  outlets for the fabric factory his brothers owned in Leeds, England. When he arrived in Marsala  on business, he immediately recognized the potential of the wine trade and built a large, modern  technically equipped oenological plant thus industrializing the producHon of Marsala. Ingham  was the first to explore new, internaHonal trade routes for Marsala wine. Pellegrino dedicated  BIP to him where BIP stands for Benjamin Ingham Palermo (the city where he lived in Sicily).

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Grapes: Grillo, CatarraLo & Inzolia  
Tasting Notes: Sweet & persistent with clear notes of apricot & cooked pear  

UNCLE JOSEPH Marsala Superior Sweet Ruby 2015
Story: Joseph Whitaker was Benjamin Ingham’s nephew, called to Sicily to help Benjamin  on the production side of the business, and then by expanding distribution by creating a fleet of  sailing ships taking Marsala to North America and the Far East.  a close up of a bottle

Grapes: Nero d’Avola  
Tasting Notes: Sweet, fresh yet velvety, enveloping & fruity with notes of cherry, pomegranate &  plum.  

HORATIO Marsala Superior Dry Amber 2011
Story: Horatio, a British admiral is one of the most beloved and famous national hero of England  and a big advocate and lover of Marsala wine, calling it “worthy of the table of any gentleman”.  He helped make Marsala a fashionable drink and even distributed to the crews of his fleet  considering it to be a drink with special heeling effects.

  a close up of a bottle

Grapes: Grillo, CatarraLo & Inzolia  
Tasting Notes: Moderately dry with hints of apricot, dry fig & vanilla.  

ANITA GARRIBALDI Marsala Superior Sweet Amber 2012
Story: The revolutionary Ana Maria Ribeiro da Silva, known as Anita was the wife of Italian  general Giuseppe Garibaldi and participated in his ventures and travels. He was apparently  teetotal but when he landed in Sicily, he tried the marsala and found the sweet variant  particularly pleasant. This Marsala is dedicated to his wife and his heroine, Anita.  a close up of a bottle

Grapes: Grillo, Catarrato & Inzolia  
Tasting Notes: Intense & persistent bouquet with notes of quince & pleasant hints of dried fig &  vanilla.